Origins & Visions

We could drop a couple pitch deck optimised paragraphs right now, talking about how we gonna change and revolutionize the whole gaming industry through the power of blockchain, web3 and potential AI integrations (and maybe we actually want to do that). But to be honest.. we're taking it step-by-step. Most projects will promise you some genre-disrupting, super ambitious features. Every protocol wants to be the new top dog of [insert category] and they want your money for it. Every person who spent more than a couple months in crypto knows that >90% of these projects either talk shit and rug or fail miserably because they can't deliver on their way-too-big promises. We're different.. Death.. is different.


Initially the Death token got created to be a steady rock in a sea of ponzis, scams and rugs. The founders had game development backgrounds which bear the idea to build video games around the token and create use-cases that way. Time flew by.. different ideas and concepts were experimented with.. some projects went to the bin, others stuck around and slowly got refined over time. We're in a place now where we decided to really focus in on one project and turn that into the centre piece of the Death universe. And we're excited to share this process with you.

Visions (without over-promising)

When it comes to the game products, we will always put GAMERS FIRST. Our goal is to onboard non-crypto natives as much as possible and design the games in a way that will make blockchain elements in them nigh invisible. We will not go for a frontal play-to-earn approach but instead focus on entertainment and the fun-factor since 'real gamers' play to escape everyday life which includes the money world.

Captivating gameplay -> many active players -> desirable culture -> protocol earns revenue (ingame transactions + cosmetics) + players (can) earn revenue (secondary market for collectibles)

The Death ecosystem will consist of more than one game and the long-term-goal here is to connect those different games with each other (more on that soon) to create a unique gaming experience across different genres within the same universe.

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